A visit to Bangalore

After 40 hours on the road the four Rural Changemakers made it to the Jugaad Skateboarding Competition 2018 in Bangalore. Under the lead of Arun, Ramkesh, Kesuram and Brijesh went all alone on this trip. They took the auto from Janwaar to Panna, caught a bus to Jhansi (7 hours) where they boarded the train […]

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Taking part is what really counts.

From the fields of rural India to the shining city of Nanjing in China  
– no, not on a skateboard – but with a skateboard under their arms. Asha and Arun, two of our Janwaar kids, have come a long way. It’s only three and a half years since we opened Janwaar Castle, the first skatepark in […]

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