Since January 2019 we are running our Open School Project – it’s a collaboration with Prakriti School in Noida. And it is an experiment. It’s a two year program which came to live because of the learning situation at the local government school – which one can frankly describe as insufficient for multiple reasons. For more details you can either follow the links on this page or download our PDF-file here.

Brajendra, Ajeet, Anil, Asha and Arun (left to right)

With the Open School Project we try to make five of our best kids fit to teach and guide the other kids back home in Janwaar. We’ve made an assessment and selected Asha, Arun, Brajendra, Anil and Ajeet. We believe that they are capable of

  • closing their existing gaps in Hindi, social science and math within the given time frame and pass the 8th grade exam of the Indian Open School curriculum.
  • developing sufficient social and academic skills to teach and guide the kids back home in the village. .

To finance this entire project we defined four different “godparenthoods – scholarships” and the kids and us would highly appreciate if you would

Adopt a Scholar!

The run time to “Adopt a Scholar” should be at least one year. The amount can be paid monthly, quarterly or once a year. The payments go directly to our charity / Verein and your sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible.

Get engaged!

Here are the four options we offer:

  • Sponsorship “Internet” – 15 Euros per month: Our kids have smart phones and two notebooks – they need both for their sessions. The service provider we’ve chosen for their Wifi at home and mobile costs 15 Euros / month.
  • Sponsorship “Janwaar” – 20 Euros per month. This sponsorship will allow us to pay for the train tickets/food for one scholar to travel once a month from Delhi to Janwaar and back. During the week in Janwaar the scholar will work with the Janwaar kids in our Community Center, Villa Janwaar, The kid will hold “regular”, easy sessions in English, Hindi and math and will also work on a project he/she has chosen: let it be water or waste management or hygiene. These projects are ongoing projects and mentored by our edu-team.
  • Sponsorship “Mentor Janwaar” – 50 Euros per month. Our edu-team includes five young people. Some of them work as full time teachers at Prakriti school, others are passionate learners who have joined the project. They are all under the supervision of Prakriti school and work since January with our kids. 50 Euros/month cover the costs for one member of the team.
  • Adopt a Scholar – 100 Euros per month. This sponsorship covers all costs for one scholar OUTSIDE the school: pocket money, Delhi metro card, stay and food.

If you have any further questions, please drop us a line!