Taking part is what really counts.

From the fields of rural India to the shining city of Nanjing in China  
– no, not on a skateboard – but with a skateboard under their arms. Asha and Arun, two of our Janwaar kids, have come a long way. It’s only three and a half years since we opened Janwaar Castle, the first skatepark in […]

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Janwaar goes Olympic

Only last Saturday, Asha and Arun have been selected to represent India at the World Skatepark World Championship to be held in China from the 29 Oct – 4 Nov., 2018. One crucial reason was that Asha and Arun already have their passports so they are ready for international travels. We never realized how big […]

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One step towards Tokyo 2020 ?

Two days ago we’ve had an interesting visitor at Janwaar Castle: Surinder Paul Singh. He is a senior athletics coach from the Sports Authority of India. He came all the way from Bhopal to see the Janwaar Tigers in action … he scouted our place and is now preparing a report to the central government […]

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