The Rural Changemakers

Janwaar Castle is Ulrike Reinhard's brainchild. She designed it as a social experiment – and it beautifully worked. What unfolded in this remote village is an incredible story of change. Social, cultural and economic change. The children became true changemakers. They took the lead and became role models for many others, including their parents and family members. Skateboarding has given them self-confidence and self-esteem.
The vision is one of rural changemakers uplifting the life of the entire community.
The mission is to spread this model of rural change across India’s sub-continent and around the globe.

Modules for change

Over time these modules will form a handbook how to drive change in a remote area.

What others have to say

We help you to trigger change ...

... in an incredibly unique way. But it can take some time getting used to.
Skatepark Design
Together with experienced architects from Germany and the US we help you to design your skatepark – for beginners, advanced learners and professionals. The design includes a 3D-model of the park as well as the technical drawings and measurements needed to build appropriate.
The Change Process
The change process only starts with the opening of the skatepark. What follows then is at least a 2-year-process of continous interactions with the community. The process is not a linear one and the precise outcome is open. We can help you to design these two years and make the most out of it! During this time you will find the changemakers in your community!
In design thinking workshops (one to two days) we co-create with your community the ideal and right way forward to start the change/transformation process. During the first 2 years you should plan 3-4 workshops.

Stories Of Change

Nothing impossible! That's the magnitude of our stories!

Heart & Souls

We know that we are not the best, but we always try our very best!
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