In our new book JANWAAR. BEYOND SKATEBOARDING we capture the world of this tiny little village in rural Madhya Pradesh, India, which became well-known as the home of the Barefoot Skateboarders.

With only one short introduction text – a conversation – it shows the hamlet beyond what the village is known for.

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The book will be published in fall 2020.

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April 22, 2020

This is another photo which most likely will make it into our new book
“Janwaar. Beyond Skateboarding.”
It’s so typical for a village like Janwaar.
Three generations, charpie, the way they sit, the courtyard ….
Photo taken by Arun.

April 19, 2020

That’s another photo I shortlisted for our new book “Janwaar. Beyond Skateboarding.”
Just love this way of tooth brushing 🙂

Photo by Bombay Ka Shana

April 18, 2020

This is another jewel I found while going through the photos for our new book: “Janwaar. Beyond Skateboarding.” (will be published in fall 2020)
The colours are just like in the eighties back in Europe.
It shows Yadav girls – they are all looking somewhere with some kind of ease, but they don’t see anything. This is what you see as well – their nothingness so to speak. And the
truth is that these girls won’t have a future besides getting married and locked
behind the doors of their houses. I called the photo:
“Dreams, but no future!”.

April 17, 2020

I am just going through more than 30000 (!!!) photos for our new book – and just found this one: One of the village elders and me. I love the “conversations” I have with them … it’s such different worlds. Amazing to realize …
This day we were trying to interview this guy, but we didn’t succeed … we weren’t capable of putting our questions in a way that he would understand.
The photo was taken by one of the village kids, Sepi Yadav.