We don’t build skateparks for skateboarding’s sake.
We use them to trigger change.
Cultural, social and economic change.
We don’t build them in urban environments.
We rather build in small villages.
We don not build for already existing skateboarding communities.
We create new communities.

If you want to drive change and use a skatepark as trigger for it, we are the right partners!

Our goal with these skateparks is, to uplift the lives of entire rural communities.
And this is not wishful thinking.
We’ve proven the concept in Janwaar, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Janwaar Castle (see photo above) was the first skatepark in a rural area in India, probably in the world.
Its story went viral and has somehow sparked a skateboarding movement, at least in India.
This village has changed.
So have the kids and the villagers.
They’ve an identity now.
They have something which they are very much proud of.

They’ve started to move.
And movement is what you need to drive change.

And as we continue to experiment in Janwaar, we keep on learning.
And we try to implement our learnings in our new skatepark models.

  • We build ecofriendly, meaning we’ve found a way to use almost exclusively natural materials instead of pure cement. We’ve reduced cement by the amount of 10 while we improve the robustness and durability of the park.
  • We put water tanks in our ground structures so that we can harvest the water which falls on the park .

Together with our partners Betonlandschaften in Germany and Anupam Bansal from abrd architects in Delhi, with passionate skateboarders from all over the world and skillfull masons who practice ecofriendly ancient techniques, we do build skateparks that do make a difference.

We are currently involved in four different “skatepark change models” in India.
And we are more than happy when we soon are allowed to release our latest projects.

We are sure, you’ll be surprised 🙂