Since January 2019 we are running our Open School Project – it’s a collaboration with Prakriti School in Noida. It’s an experiment. Tiny nudges from all participants drive it forward and keep it going. It’s in constant flow – without losing sight.

With the Open School Project we try to find better educational solutions for the kids in the village. Together with the children and the parents we define individual learning paths for each kid. We do not focus solely on its academic development but include ease of handling technology and soft skills such as social behaviour, leadership qualities, critical thinking, problem solving and village enagagement. The latter are equally important because those are the ones which push the village forward.

It’s hard work, it requires a lot of mentoring and patience and it doesn’t work for each kid in the same way. After two years we can proudly say that we are on track and we see the first results. Today you’ll find an eagerness to learn among the village kids and many have understood, that learning can be fun! Currently we support seven kids and families with this program. Read the portraits of Asha and Anil to better understand the way we work and the impact we have.

To finance the project we defined “godparenthoods – scholarships”

Adopt a Scholar!

The run time to “Adopt a Scholar” should be at least one year. The amount can be paid monthly, quarterly or once a year. The payments go directly to our charity / Verein and your sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible.

Get engaged!

Here are the four options we offer:

  • Sponsorship “Internet” – 20 Euros per month: We have wifi in our Villa Janwaar (=community centre) and some kids have mobile Internet on their phones. With 20 Euros a month the total costs are covered.
  • Sponsorship “Janwaar” – 30 Euros per month. Very often kids are not allowed to participate in the learning activities because the parents need their help in the house and in the fields. With this sponsorship we can support the family – and we give the money to the mother! There it is in the best hands.
  • Sponsorship “Mentor Janwaar” – 50 Euros per month. Besides the Prakriti teachers our edu-team includes young passionate people who work with the kids. They are all under the supervision of Prakriti school. 50 Euros/month cover the costs for one member of the team.
  • Adopt a Scholar – 100 Euros per month. This sponsorship covers all costs for one scholar.

If you have any further questions, please drop us a line!

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