Arun is part of our Open School Project which we’ve started on January 10, 2019. Here is a portrat of him.

Arun (16) has come a long way. He “earned” his first brownie points during our Janwaar Castle Skateboarding Challenge in November 2016 when he won the “social award” of the tournament. He wasn’t among the best skateboarders by then but this event sparked his interest – in multiple ways. He started to go to school, his social skills improved and he became our best skateboarder.

Arun is a very honest and very reliable young boy. He doesn’t shy away from responsibilities and definitely grows with the tasks. The kids love him and I feel, he loves the kids. He shares and he cares. His way was quite bumpy one, the Yadav boys weren’t pleased when they realized that the village kids had chosen Arun, an Adivasi, as their leader – and every now and then they would really challenge and threaten him. Nowadays this rarely happens and some of the Yadav guys have become best friends with him … which is wonderful.

His trips to Europe and China made Arun self-confident and improved his English speaking skills. He also realized that he has a long way to go – in learning and skateboarding and he is ready for it. For him it will be a challenge in Noida to see that he is not the “leader” when it comes to school – especially his younger brother will out-perform him. It will be interesting to see how the two will handle it. I am sure they’ll find a way and Arun will understand that he has to give space to the “little” one to grow and maybe even by-pass him.

Arun at Villa Janwaar.

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