Anil is part of our Open School Project which we’ve started on January 10, 2019. Here is a portrat of him.

Anil (14) is Arun’s younger brother. When Arun was first confronted with the idea that his little brother would join the team of the five students he immediately said, he cannot go. He said, his parents won’t allow him. But in contrary, the parents said immediately yes. They asked Anil, if he wanted to join and that was it.

For Anil himself it wasn’t an easy decision. It took him a few days – he was bothered how his current school teachers would react and he lacked self-confidence. Being the younger brother of Arun, who always stands in the spotlight, he has to learn to step out of the shadow. And surprisingly the moment he had made up his mind, he fully embraced his chance and took his stand – not yet on eye-level with the elder brother but we feel it is only a question of time. One can see he is very happy with his decision – it has completely changed the way he talks, acts and practices. He is certainly on fire and highly motivated.

Anil is one of the brightest kids we have in the village. He is way above village average when it comes to reading and writing. He quickly understands context and is capable of connecting simple dots. He is a very polite kid, certainly not a front-runner but rather a very honest and reliable back-up. A must have in every team.

Anil at the treehouse in Madla

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