The first “SkatStatS exhibit” is ready to use! On three panels we explain six different ways of counting: the Egyptian, Babylonian, Mayan, Roman and Indian way of counting plus how computers deal with numbers. The texts are in Hindi and English and address the rural youth. The texts were written in cooperation with Rina Singh, a children book author.

The idea behind this piece is that the kids

  • learn about different perspectives on the same subject
  • can enjoy a playful approach to learn counting and huge numbers
  • learn the basics about each system and then advance their knowledge via worksheets

The worksheets – which we still need to develop – will go deeper into the subjects. For example they will explain exponential numbers, specifics of the zero or will give the kids space to explain in their very own words how Mayans used to count. One idea is to use comics to do so. We will see.

If you want to use the number systems for your own purpose, you can download the high resolution file of texts and images simple by clicking on the link. Print it and start working with your kids on these things!

The project is endorsed by the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS) the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) and the Società degli Accademici Italiani in Svizzera (SAIS) . The SSS and SAIS also provided financial support for the project that, together with seed money received by Rotary Club Courmayeur-Valdigne, is paving the way to SkateStatS.

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