Written by Anil Kumar.

Last night we had a film screening at our Villa Janwaar. “Janwaar” – a short documentary by Danny Schmidt.

Gopal and Arun have helped me to set up all the technical stuff and made it run. We invited the kids and parents.They all were curious to see “Janwaar” – a documentary about Ramkesh and his mother, representing the entire village. It was recorded two years ago by Danny Schmidt. “Janwaar” was screened at the Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado – it was screened there in the morning so for us it was late at night. It was almost midnight …. But everyone was there and stayed at the Villa, our community center.

After watching the film we had a zoom meeting with Ulrike and Danny – both of them were in Telluride with a big crowd who had also just seen the documentary. They all loved it. They all stood up and waved at us which was a really nice moment for all of us watching from Janwaar. The kids and parents enjoyed watching it and they all were very happy to see how changes are being made and how our village has changed: the village itself, kids and their mindset and and and …. It was truly a great moment for all of us! Below you can see some photos taken by Arun of the screening.

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  • Molly Chatterjee Sinha

    Wonderful! Inspiring! Coming to see it!


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