Written by Anil Kumar

Satoshi has been suffering. His foot was literally falling apart and turning back and brown. This went on for seven months. I got to know about it from my father. I went to his farm three weeks ago with my father and clicked some photos and sent them to Ulrike.

We see it as our job as Barefoot Skateboarders Organisation the well-being of all kids and their parents in the village …. So this is why I informed Ulrike about Satashi. We asked him if he would appreciate help and he said yes. So Ulrike organised everything and when Satoshi should finally leave – he wasn’t ready for it. He had all kind of excuses NOT To leave. He said he needed to go to the temple, he wanted to leave two weeks later and and and … he was very much afraid of what might happen at the hospital. Most likely he would lose his leg.

On the day the bus was leaving for Nagpur (where we found a bed in a hospital) Ulrike and I were on a call for one hour to make him understand that he really needs to go and see the doctor. After one hour he agreed to leave for his treatment. Together with one of his family members and @shivraj, one of our Janwaar kids, he finally went to Nagpur for his treatment. I saw him smiling when he was sitting in the bus.Because of a clot above his knee the blood was not running below the knee. His treatment is going on in Nagpur. The doctors are trying their level best to save his leg . Satashi’s family is really happy that he is there for better treatment of his leg. We will get to know if they can save his leg in the next few days. Meanwhile they are cleaning the open wounds every day and they did a little surgery to remove the dead flesh and skin. We are really happy that we are able to help him. I would really love to say thank you so much to those who have supported us to make this happen. ❤

Satashi (right) on the bus
Satoshi in hospital

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