Two days ago we’ve had an interesting visitor at Janwaar Castle: Surinder Paul Singh. He is a senior athletics coach from the Sports Authority of India. He came all the way from Bhopal to see the Janwaar Tigers in action … he scouted our place and is now preparing a report to the central government in which he will suggest twenty of our most talented kids to receive better training, coaching, an appropriate diet and a nice hostel where they can stay and regularly practice. It would be a dream becoming reality!

He came because we’ve sent our proposal for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 to the government in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

Happily, he gave Anveer a short statement before he left … He looks quite happy and a bit impressed 🙂
For those of you who don’t understand Hindi, below the video, is an English translation.

I am Surinder Paul Singh, senior athletics coach from the Sports Authority of India.

Today, April 5, 2017, I came to your skatepark for an inspection. I came on behalf of my deputy to find out how we can develop this place in a better way. I have seen so many small and talented children skateboarding at the park – and some of them are really small. They already perform very well and I am thinking how to get them to a national and international level and to achieve even more at the Olympic Games. They do need exceptional coaching facilities. They must have a hostel facility where they can stay and practice regularly and their diets should be provided by the government.

I have met the kids and spoken with them, I’ve discussed with you the facilities, I’ve seen your skatepark – this is actually the first time I’m seeing one! I haven’t seen one before and I am very happy to see this in a very remote area here in Panna. You’ve developed this well and it is very motivating for the kids.

I really feel very good about your initiative. From my side, I will submit a very positive report to the Sports Authority of India so that the central government can provide you maximum help and maximum funding to do even better in the future.

These kids will train for the coming Olympics in 2020 and if they can participate this will surely be a big achievement for all of us! And when we look even further to the Olympics in 2024 – then India can be very proud of these kids! Thank you.

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