The home of the Barefoot Skateboarders is Janwaar Castle – the first skatepark in rural India. Located in the village of Janwaar, it’s become a beacon for change through skateboarding the whole world over.

Last November, Janwaar Castle hosted its first Skateboarding Challenge for kids (4-16 years old) from all over India. Arun won the “social award”, Ramkesh was the best skateboarder under 12 and Sujin picked up the award for best skateboarder. An international jury together with the “maniacs” of Decathlon made them fly high. Shortly afterwards, Nyjah Huston, the multiple world champion in street skateboarding, arrived in the village.

It was then that their dream to take part in the Olympics was born!
And we are supporting them in whatever way we can!
They all have their passports and we are just about to apply for their visas.

These three village kids, hadn’t a clue what a world champion was, never mind the Olympic Games. Now they have the chance to visit Germany, France and Spain to explore foreign skateboarding culture and get trained. This is the next logical step on their way to the Olympics after a senior coach of the Sport Authorities of India came to the village and inspected and screened them earlier this year.

Their schedule is promising “one hell of a trip!” 🙂

First week: Heidelberg
Heidelberg is the hometown of Ulrike, the founder of Janwaar Castle. There, they’ll have their first skateboarding sessions and get adjusted to the time, climate, food and culture.

Second week: Berlin

Berlin is a skateboarding Mecca. The kids will meet Bemo Lundgren, a skateboarder and skateboarding trainer from Sweden and Julian Dykman, a former pro-skater in Europe. Both these guys are very well-known on the scene and both of them have been to Janwaar. They will be with the kids and train them at the best skateboarding spots in town. On September 16 we’ll hold a huge event at Decathlon’s main store on Berlin Alexanderplatz and then we’ll all go to Mellowpark, a famous Berlin skateboarding spot.

Third week: Lille, Paris, Bordeaux
The third week they’ll spend in France. For more training and a small competition at the Decathlon headquarters in Lille. Via Paris they’ll then go on to the Hangar Darwin Skatepark in Bordeaux where we have arranged another huge event.

Fourth week: Barcelona
The last week they’ll spend in the skateboarding paradise Barcelona. Skateboarders say it’s one of the best skateboarding spots in the world. We are just finalising their trainers there.

With this one of a kind experience behind them, Ramkesh, Arun and Sujin will inspire many more young skateboarders back home in India and it surely will bring them one step closer to realizing their dream: to take part in the Olympics 2020!

We invite you to become part of their great journey.

We’ve secured accommodation and food for the kids as well as the hardware and equipment we need for the trip. What we haven’t secured is cash – cash for:

4000 USD flights Delhi – Frankfurt – Delhi
1000 USD travel costs to get the kids to/from the airports
800 USD visa costs
600 USD pocket money for the kids
2500 USD for the minibus we’ll travel in (hire costs, petrol, road fees – 4 weeks, 4000 km)
1000 USD for the person accompanying them

9900 USD total

Any contribution – high or low – is greatly appreciated.

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