ArtBoard HAM ’N’ EGGS by Berlin-based artist Axel Pfennigschmidt

Axel is a good friend of mine. He knows my project in India right from the beginning and has been a strong supporter ever since. He was one of the artist in our ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD campaign which we ran to finance the skatepark. 19 artists from around the world came together and turned old skateboards into artboards. Together with skate-aid I auctioned them on eBay and with the proceeds I was able to build the skatepark.

Now, three years later, Axel has created his second ArtBoard. And I think it has a funny name for it: HAM ’N’ EGGS. Here is the text Axel has written for it:

The existing text written on the back of the board ‘Toppings I Coconut: 0.60 I Banana: 0,60 I Cashew: 0,60 I Maple Syrop: 0,60’ inspired me to create my breakfast board HAM ‘N‘ EGGS. For some reason I had the song ‘Ham ‚n‘ Eggs‘ from the great American hip-hop band ‘A Tribe Called Quest‘ (1990) in my mind. Its playful lyrics center around the themes of the young generation, ranging from going on a diet, making it through life and expressing style.

And this is what Axel is planning to do: He wants to sell the HAM ’N’ EGGS ArtBoard latest by November 30, 2017. Around this time he starts into a new decade of his life. It’s so to speak his birthday wish 🙂 And it’s certainly time to celebrate.

Again all the proceeds will go to the Rural Changemakers – to be even more precise it will help us to set-up our community center “Villa Janwaar”.

The minimum price – no limitations up – is

Euro 300.00

You can simply place your quote which should include the price you are willing to pay, your name and the shipping address, to

axel (at) pfennigschmidt (dot) com

Axel will confirm your quote and send you the result on December 1!

The board has the size of a regular skateboard.
Axel is looking forward to your offer! Thank you!

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