Our partner for the Open School Project is Prakriti School in Noida. I myself know Prakriti School for more than 5 years now and for me it is one of the best schools I’ve seen in India. We are very happy that we can partner with them in this project. They are actually more than partners, they really support the project.

Prakriti intends to provide an environment where children develop a lifelong love for learning. The guiding principle for Prakriti is – nothing can be taught – it can be only be learnt – by experiencing, by igniting a desire within to learn, and by showing the path to discovery when that desire is ignited.

Formal education today is mainly focused on dissemination of facts to children from a very early age, without any regard to their readiness for it, and without any effort to encourage them to think independently. A child who is able to conform to the standards set by the school/ institution is accepted; outliers are branded and rejected.

Prakriti aims to encourage holistic education by incorporating art and craft, music and dance, drama and sports in its curriculum in a manner that encourages creative thinking, progress at one’s pace, and does not expect children to conform to externally imposed standards.

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