At our Villa Janwaar we had books right from the beginning. Mainly picture books for the little ones. Hindi, English and bilingual. The little kids, even though, they cannot read, love the books. More often than not I see them in the Villa sitting and flipping through them.

Yesterday we got book shelves for all the books we have. It was needed after we received this bunch of books from Kyra’s Book Bank. The kids love it. Today a few of them spent at least two hours flipping through all the books. It will be very interesting to see what comes out of it … I am curious if they start asking questions or reading … in their morning sessions they listen quite a lot to stories.

Anyhow it makes me happy that they at least know that there are books out there and reading them might open new horizons.

Aakash (left) and Spiderman aka Shiva looking for the right books
Anikesh kept this encyclopedia of the human body at least for an hour …
Happy reading in front of the music wall
Spiderman aka Shiva kept coming back to the library all day


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