(Written by Arun)

Electricity was always an issue in our Village. Due to no electricity we couldn’t attend our online classes and couldn’t complete the homework because our devices were not charged.

Solar panels on the roof of Villa Janwaar | Our new skatepark in the background

The problem is solved now, we solved it because we put the solar panels on the roof. Solar energy does NOT need any electricity. So no more electricity cuts, because the Villa is solar powered. And we are very happy! From now onwards, there will not be any problem with the electricity. We will be able to complete our work and can attend classes on time. In a few weeks there will be two new IMac and we have two laptops so we will take classes and teach the kids computers. While doing so, we will also learn new features of IMac and teach the other kids. I think it is the best learning when you learn and then you teach other kids. This way you pass the learning and yourself learning best!

We are very thankful to those people who helped us to get the solar and to provide us the computers!

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