The first two years of our Open School Project are over – here are the outcomes / experiences and learning. We’ve summerised it in a report.

The Open School project is our largest single project. The first phase of the project ended in December 2020. Currently, all five Open Schoolers are back in Janwaar and preparing for their exams in April / May 2021. In parallel, they are working with the younger children in the village.

In summary, the following accomplishments stand out:

▪   The establishment of a school at Villa Janwaar, our community center. 
▪   The establishment of the Barefoot Skateboaders Organization.
▪   The children now have a better understanding of the problems in the village and are more likely to find solutions. 
▪   The children's self-confidence to bring about change has grown enormously and an awareness for awareness of learning has spread throughout the village. 

We will continue the project in the coming year (see page 12 of this report) and gradually involve more children.

Two of the Open Schoolers, Asha and Anil, have put together a presentation on their learning journey in 2020. You can find it here:


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