Almost four years ago we’ve started our Open School Project – one part of it is “Kids teaching kids” which is mainly supervised by Asha. Here is her brief report of the activities in this week:

We did three activities in this week one with Leaves, second with stones, and third with stick and paper.

Leaves active – We made some small things by Leaves like butter fly, small home and some human. It was fun for kids to work with Leaves. And we will past them on the papers in next session and color them as well so material outcome will a invitation card, and we will give this to kids parents, I don’t know when but when whenever we call kids parents to Villa Janwaar so will send Invitation Card to them.

Stones – We colourd many tiny stones and our ideas is that we are going to put those colorful stones in a small glass bottle and keep it in the Villa so in next week children are going to bring a small glass bottle from their homes, on which we will decorate that stone.

Stick and Paper – We made things with stones and Paper Like ice cream, a Note book, tiny house and small tree. So kids will color them in next session to make them more beautiful!

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