Since May last year we have regular online sessions for all of our kids – they support their activiies at school but also touch areas which aren’t part of the school curriculum. We have Hindi, spoken ENglish, creative sketching and karate for girls – and skateboarding math. The kids love these sessions and attend regularly – besides helping at home AND going to school. It has become a daily part of their lives. Asha Gond and Anil Kumar are supervising this and every two weeks Anil is sending a brief status update. Then one below I’ve received today – it might be interesting for you to read:


The kids have been attending sessions and they are progressing well. Their teacher asks the kids to revise everything that they have learnt such as names of vegetables, animals, cities, gadgets, vehicles etc. All the kids get a chance to revise a topic and speak out loud the names and other kids follow him/her. Then their teacher teaches new things after revision of the topic that they have learnt.


The kids have improved their Hindi and they are able to read it. They have started reading a paragraph and then they solve its questions. The younger kids Neha, Lavkush, Raj etc. have started learning small words. They also create words with two letters. Didi explains them until they understand the topic. The elder kids like Priyanka, Panchwati, Poorti, Vinay, Sachin, Brajesh have also learned tenses. They create simple past, present and future sentences.


They are enjoying this session and they draw one new thing in every session. They are learning it well and Sachin, Panchwati, Poorti, Priyanka are learning it well. They all follow the instructions and then draw as their teacher explains to them. Their teacher explains each and every part of the drawing and then asks the kids to do the same. She also asks to show them the drawing in between the process.


Panchwati, Priyanka, Brajesh, Poorti, Sachin are learning it well. They have learnt so many kicks and punches as well. They always revise whatever they did in the last class and then they begin to learn new things. Their teacher explains each and every part and then the kids follow her. They all help each other and learn together. Whoever does something in the wrong way then their teacher asks him/her to do it in front of the screen and show him/her the correct way of doing the same.


Kids are now able to run the computer by themselves and they play various games on the computer. We revised how to install any applications, how to open mail, doc and excel. Shailendra was also attending these classes as he had an interest in learning computers. We worked and cleaned the keyboard and the battery mouse and now both the computers are running well. We have to do some installation of appliances for tomorrow’s VR class which we will complete today.

Math – We didn’t have any classes…

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