Over the last two months Pappu and his team of locals have been working hard to give the courtyards of our Villa Janwaar and the neighbouring land of the forest department a new look. After renovating what was already there and painting all the walls the first goal was to avoid the ponding of the rainwater on the ground of the courtyards. It always turns into a muddy mess during the rainy season.

We leveled the ground and made a slope in the direction the water was mainly floating, made holes into the walls and channeled the water flow into the neighbouring field. Then we created a sand bed and laid out 18000 bricks.

There is hardly any shadow in the courtyards, so we decided to build two pavilons – one in each courtyard – under which people can sit and the children can play. The pavillons will also be the home of two exhibition pieces (= games) of a math/statistic program we will soon start in Janwaar; it is called SkateStatS and is a game-based aprroach to introduce math and statistical thinking.

The renovation and new structure as well as the first math/statistic games were made possible by the Rotary Club of Courmayeur-Valdigne and the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS). More to come!

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