Brajendra (15) is part of our Open School Project which we’ve started on January 10, 2019. Here is a portrat of his.

Brajendra has always a smile on his face. He is really excited to be part of our experiment – his excitement is almost hindering him to get things done. His major challenge is to focus and to stick with a task. He easily gets distracted even though he wants to focus. Sometimes I feel he is standing in his own way. He is a good guy, he is willing to learn and open to the new. He is refreshing in so many ways. He feels some pressure from his parents and doesn’t know how to channel this. To unleash this pressure and turn it into positive energy will be part of his journey in Delhi.

Via the skatepark and our Villa Janwaar he has got a sense for community which will certainly help him within this group of five. So far he was considered as a good student but slowly he is realizing that he – like all the others – have plenty of gaps and that he has a lot to learn. Reading and writing have got a new meaning for him – he realized that reading and writing in this new environment will include, that he understands and is able to summarize what he is reading and writing. Meaning in general is a new concept for him – and asking questions is an important part of it. Not taking things for granted is what he needs to learn first.

Brajendra (right) at Villa Janwaar

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