Ajeet is part of our Open School Project which we’ve started on January 10, 2019. Here is a portrat of him.

Ajeet (15) is the youngest in his family and slightly spoiled. He enjoys all the benefits of being “male” and the last one in line. His sisters and mother would do anything to please him – and he surely knows how to “live” this to the fullest. When he first traveled with a group of kids for three weeks to ProtoVillage, where the group learnt English and trained the kids there in skateboarding it was quite a tough learning for him NOT to be served and to clean his own stuff. Slowly he accepted and by now he has understood that this kind of behaviour has no place in our experiment.

He is one of the best we have at school – at least when it comes to reading and writing. In Janwaar and Panna where he last went to school, he finished 10th grade without any problems. He accepted the challenges which are going along with the privilege of being part of this school experiment and he has understood – even though he isn’t always yet practicing it – that he has to work on himself and invest time and efforts to improve. He needs to wave his motto “I am the youngster and everything will be done for me!“ good-bye.

His skateboarding skills have very much improved since he knows he is joining the experiment. Also his attendance at Villa Janwaar has tremendously increased and he does take responsibility and is contributing to the community. He is on a good path.

Ajeet at the skatepark in Janwaar

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