Last week Ramkesh came to Noida to visit our Open School kids. Arun did an interview with him.

On Saturday 21st September I interviewed Ramkesh Adiwashi. Ramkesh lives in my village, Janwaar, in Madhya Pradesh. He was with me when I made a skateboarding tour in Europe. He is a good skateboarder. He came for a visit to Prakriti School, and stayed with us for one week in Noida. He attended classes with me. Ramkesh goes to school in Janwaar, where he is in 6th grade. I’ve added a few things in the text, which are not in the video recording, because when the recording was finished, Ramkesh told me some interesting details!

What do you like to do?

I like skateboarding and swimming.

Which skateboarding stunt do you like best?

I like pop servit best. It’s a stunt in skateboarding.

For how long have you been skating?

I have been skating for two and a half years.

How many people live in your house?

There are 10 people in my house; mummy, papa, brother, 4 sisters, grandmother and grandfather.

What are your mother and father doing?

My mother works at the Anganwadi government office, and my father is ill, he does nothing.

Do you have any animals in your house?

Yes, I have goats.

How many goats do you have?

I have 10 goats.

Did you enjoy your time in Noida?

I loved Noida very much, and I enjoyed skateboarding here on the footpaths.   

Have you learned something new in Delhi? 

Yes I learned how to do an activity with children.  

What  activity did you learn? 

I learned how to make collages.

How did you like the Prakriti school?

I liked Prakriti school because the teachers here teach well.

What is the difference to back home in Janwaar?

In our village, the teachers are ok, but the children are very bad to each other. There is a lot of bullying. The children do not do that here.

What will you do when you are back home?

I will go back to school.

Would you like to come back to Delhi?

Yes, because I like the Prakriti school.    

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