Many Hindus greet or farewell each other by saying “Ram Ram.” Hindus believe if they pronounce “Ram”, it will create positive energy. This is why you often find “Ram” as part of a name. For the two brothers Baliram (photo 5) and Rajaram (photo 6) this belief proves true. They really spread positive energy in a sense of being calm and well-balanced. Neither one of them is a frontrunner or an early adopter. Both always observe first and then join. Once they are part of the game they truly add soul and mindfulness to the team. Plus, they rarely start a fight. In view of their pleasant qualities we are always happy to include the two in our travels and engagements. They do belong to the core team of the Barefoot Skateboarders, and yes, the two master the skateboard well!


The boys live with their family at the outskirts of Janwaar, so it’s a bit of a walk for them to reach our Villa Janwaar and the skatepark. Nevertheless, whenever they can, they drop in and participate in the activities. Their house is right opposite of the lake in Janwaar – so the lake is a welcoming playground for them as well. During the hot summer season they often dive in for a refreshing swim or when the water gets really low before the monsoons, they try to catch the tiny little fish bare-handed. Once they’ve caught enough fish, for sure they will start a fire, skewer the fish on a thin limb and broil it. Needless to say how much fun this is.

Baliram and Rajaram are often busy with household chores. Their mother, Muliya, – even though she is always smiling – seems to be kind of strict and demanding. She has a very distinct voice and gets easily fussy when her boys do not attend school and are missed out on an occasion. She knows very well that her two boys rarely articulate their wishes or demand anything in a crowd. They are rather shy, step back and wait what will happen. We know, Muliya will be very happy when we include at least one of her sons in our Open School Project next year and provide him a better learning environment and possibilities. I am sure he will appreciate and make something out of it. And rather sooner than later I expect him to be confident enough to step out of the shadows of our frontrunners and take a lead.

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