Last week I was part of a Musterbrecher-workshop (online) “Unternehmertum” (Entrepreneurship), which they condicted for their client freenet, Hamburg, Germany.

My role was to share my experiences with my social experiment in Janwaar and to draw parallels between my work in the village and my work as a consultant for companies. This might seem odd at first sight, but it isn’t at all when you dig deeper. The tools and concepts I’ve been using in Janwaar are the same I used to work with during my time as a management consultant.

We were actually planning to start the conversation with our Barefoot Skateboarder video, but for some reason we simply forgot and jumped right into Q&A (Dirk Osmetz and Stefan Kaduk, the MUSTERBRECHER, were asking me questions about my work in Janwaar) with the goal to outline exactly the parallels I mentioned above.

As a conclusion I presented my “7 Rules to Disrupt Successfully!”:

We ended with a lively discussion among the eight participants and it became very obvious that the parallels do exist!

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