Together with the Decathlon headquarter in Lille, France, and the photographer Matjaž Tančič we developped over the last couple of months the Rural Changemaker’s Skateboarding Decks. We are very, very, very proud and happy!!! A skateboarder would probably say “I am stoked!” 🙂 Thank you Jean-Philippe and your entire team – the boards rock and the kids can’t wait to roll them out!

You can PRE_ORDER now!

Please see form below.

The decks will be available in Europe in week 35, this means early September 2021. They come in two colours (yellow and blue) and two sizes (8″ and 8.25″) and will cost 45 Euros (excl. shipping).

The Rural Changemakers gem. e.V. will receive 5 Euros from each deck sold. We will use the proceeds for our ongoing projects in Janwaar!

If you order from India or the US – please email to directly.

The boards look awesome 🙂 Click on one photo and you will see it full size!


One order for one color! Meaning if you want both colors you have two place two orders! Sorry for this inconvenience.

The first 20 orders will receive in addition to the deck our latest book. Thank you!

We will email/message you once the boards are available in week 35!

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