In this interview Asha speaks with her mother about the changes in the behaviour and mindset of her mother over the years. Which obstacles she was facing and what people were telling her when she decided to let her daughter go and live her own life.

The interview is in Bundeli, which is very close to Hindi. A translation is below.

It was recorded by Arun Kumar. Next thing we need to tackle is the sound 🙂 It is OK, but could be much better.


Asha Gond: Mummy, earlier when I used to go for skateboarding, why did you use to stop me from going there? Why did you take so much time to say yes?

Kamla Gond (mother): I used to stop you because the villagers were very worried that we don’t know these people…and what if they take her somewhere. I am not educated so of course I was scared that these are foreigners and I can’t even find you in Panna. How will I find you in a foreign nation? So that’s why I was scared, your father was scared and everyone was scared.

Asha: When Ulrike wanted me to go abroad. Even then you didn’t want me to go. Why?

Kamla Gond: Villagers used to say that if your daughter goes there she won’t come back. Then what will you do? You both will just keep crying and no one will listen to you. Then sir (School headmaster) told me, don’t worry Kamla. He explained that Asha will get a Visa and she can only stay there till it is written in the Visa. If she will refuse to come back, the police of that country will send her back to Panna.
Then I got a little assured that she is going through police. What am I in front of the police? Police can do everything, good or bad. That’s when I decided to let you go and not listen to any villager.

Asha: What changed inside you that you felt that it’s okay to let me go?

Kamla Gond: Now you had to go through the government. So, I realized that no matter what the people say government will do right. That’s why I allowed you to go. Now, I also feel good after you have returned. It’s a good thing that the kids will study and go ahead in life.

Asha: Now, what do you think about when I go out to all the new places?

Kamla Gond: Now I think that you should not come back down, you should stay up. I feel extremely happy because you have made me proud and I wish that you keep making me proud like this and I will be happier.

Asha: When I had to go to London. What did the villagers used to say?

Kamla Gond: They said that these people will take your daughter away and will keep her there. What will you do when she will not return? Then you will cry for her. Remember when the police guy asked, hey girl what will you do abroad? Will you come back or not? Will you make your parents cry? You said – no sir, I will stay as long I have the visa and then I will come back. Then sir said it’s okay then.
When he felt good, I also felt good.


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