In the last week of February Danny Schmidt, a documentary film maker and skateboarder from Salt Lake City, US, came with his friend Zag for a visit. We’ve been talking for more than a year about this – and finally they came. The two of them stayed in Janwaar Village in our homestays and they also spent two nights with me down by the river … Both said: “An awesome experience! We will be back for sure!”

In the village – besides skateboarding – they spent a lot of time with the kids, interviewing them and their parents. Below are a few scenes. The idea is to make a profound documentary on our story – telling it from the eyes of the villagers.

Arun (in the chair), functioning as a translator, for the interview with Ramkesh’s mother
Ramkesh’s parents watching him being interviewed
Ramkesh waiting for his turn
And finally Ramkesh is on 🙂

The kids took their chance and the camera and went through the village. They always love to do this 🙂

Gopal (left) and Ramkesh in action

And evening time was fun time as well … they all enjoyed each others company.

Ramkesh, Gopal, Zag, Alfred and Keshuram

At the treehouse in Madla where I live, evenings were more calm. It was nature pure. Even though it was still cold in the mornings, Danny and Zag went for a swim – and I watched from the terrace ready to give alarm if a crocodile would come in sight.

Danny (left) and Zag taking a bath in Ken River

One thought to “A visit from Salt Lake City”

  • Danny

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful time in Janwaar. I loved the homestay at Arun’s house and all the great moments spent skating with the kids. You are all rippers!

    Looking forward to another visit soon!



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