I live in Madla, 35 km away from Janwaar, right next to Ken River. The kids love this place. Last year we had our first beach party – it was such a huge success that the kids were demanding to make it an annual event. And that’s what we did.

On March 23, forty kids came in three auto rickshaws from Janwaar to Madla. They brought our three tents, sleeping bags and blankets. And plenty of good vibes. At our end we prepared 100 balloons filled with water for a fun “water combat”, 200 bottles of drinking water, a huge kettle with fried rice for dinner, 100 eggs and 20 loafs of bread for breakfast! It was HUGE fun! The kids took an extended bath in the river, threw and flipped stones, relaxed in the hammocks, danced to the music and enjoyed being kids!

Thanks to Mr. Teware, the owner of the treehouse with this beautiful beach in front, who gave permission to let us do.

Setting up the tents for the overnight stay at the beach 🙂
Getting ready for a swim 🙂

Asha in her “mother” role – taking care of the little kids.
Gopal occupied the hammock
Slowly getting ready to go into the water
Throwing stones that they flip over the water …
Dinner is being served ….
… and breakfast next morning
And before everyone left, we cleaned the place.

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