Each village in India has an Anganwadi. It’s a government institution where especially the small malnourished kids get lunch. Since more than two years we provide fruits for the kids – so in addition to the lunch they get a banana, apple, orange, mango – whatever is in season. On average 35 children come there every day.

Right in front of the Anganwadi is a huge open public space. Unfortunately the locals drop all their garbage there. It stinks and looks like a mess. The water pump adds to the mess – it’s surrounded by a large puddle, a paradise for mosquito flies and source for all kind of infections.

Finally we decided to clean up the entire place. It was a common effort. We filled it up with miti (mud), laid out stones, built a small “nala” for the effluent water, installed dust bins and educated the people. Let’s see where it leads!

Anganwadi after we filled it up with mud
Trolleys and trolleys of mud ….
The start of a new huge compost
The new container for the compost

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