This was long overdue!

Finally in early April when the temperatures were still bearable, Dr. Sethi, a retired paediatrician from Gurgaon, and Bharti Batra, chairperson of Prakriti and initiator of the camp, arrived in Janwaar. They brought primary medical care (vitamine E, de-worming medicine, fever, malaria and diarrhea) and educated especially the women how to prevent malaria and other diseases which are quite common in the village by taking care of hygiene and basic food rules. It was highly appreciated in the village.

Over the course of two days more kids and parents joined, villagers came and asked Dr. Sethi for advice and happily took the medicines. From now onwards Dr. Sethi will visit every three to four months. It was a great start and it really touched people’s hearts.

Bharti giving medicine to Kalpna
Toys and medicine were equally distributed.
Dr. Sethi observing the scenery from the charpie.

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