I think it was three years ago when my phone rang. On the other end was Smit Pamar. He introduced himself with the words: “Madam, I am now in the position to talk to you. I’ve become Superintendent Police (SP) and I want to build a skatepark in one of the villages in my district. Can you please help?”

Of course I said yes 🙂

On my first visit to Smit’s district I learned a lot. Nuapada is at the Chattisgarh/Odisha border, it is a Naxelite area. I’ve heard before about this ongoing war India is finghting with the Naxals, but so far this was only something I had heard of. I got a couple of books

Smit, SP, and myself the first time I came to the Nuapada district
The teaser: A miniramp at the local government school
The new police office building with the skatepark in the front
Skatepark design by Beton Landschaften in Köln, Germany
A workshop session with the police guys in Dharambhandha

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