Sachin, one of our Janwaar kids, is healed from skin TB. After suffering for many years Sachin can now live a happy life. And he does!

His healing had also a very positive impact on his father, Seglal. He basically stopped drinking and became more serious with and in his work and even more responsible towards his entire family. During our construction process of the new skatepark he took a leading role!

It was an amazing diverse team which came together to create something new. We had all kind of characters, but on the male side, if there was one villager among the men who stood out, it was certainly Seglal.

The way he was motivating his “cement and mason” team, the way he took the lead and was working hard, was pretty amazing! He is a fun guy, he wants to learn English now and interacted with our volunteers. He took them for long walks into the jungles and made music with them one night!

Music session at the Villa Janwaar
Seglal overlooking his territory!
Seglal during his jungle walk!

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