For our new skatepark in Janwaar we’ve build a couple of walls to protect the area from floods during the monsoons. Now after the first rains we see, the work was well done. Lucky us 🙂

Over the last two weeks we started with some “detail” work to make the surrounding area look nice. We’ve planted the first trees and bushes, we’ve built a wooden fence to protect the plants and trees from the buffalos and cows, we painted the fence and three village ladies, Asha’s mother, Arun’s mother and Sachin’s mother, made beautiful mosaic displays. With white cement they put piece by piece on parts of the walls.

And the kids had the greatest fun in breaking the tiles we bought into pieces.

Arun’s mother@work
Sachin’s mother@work
It’s very detailed work ….
Asha’s mother@work
Kids breaking the tiles 🙂

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