A few days ago, Clara from the The Skateroom, which financed parts of our new skatepark, asked us for some quotes. She wanted to know what kind of impact skateboarding has in the village and in the lives of our kids. Here are some of the quotes we got:

Jagprasad and Jalsa Bai (Arun’s and Anil’s parents)
Skateboarding has given us a chance to make our children’s future better

Jagprasad and Jalsa Bai at their house

Kamla Gond (Asha’s mother)
Skateboarding is not only changing one kid’s life, it is making the village’s future better.

Kamla Gond working at the new skatepark

Shaikhel and Kallu Bai (Sachin’s parents)
Skateboarding has given the biggest help to start Sachin’s, our son’s, life again.

(Read Sachin’s story here)

Shaikhel and Kallu Bai working at the new skatepark

Ajeet Yadav, 15 years old

“Skateboarding is a way to let your body control the mind.” “Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly.”

Ajeet at the skatepark

Anil Adivasi, 15 years old

“Skateboarding has given me the freedom to make my life not perfect but to change the village step by step.”

“Skateboarding gives me the freedom to think in many different ways.”

Anil in Janwaar

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