Last year 21 of our Janwaar kids participated in the Indian Skateboarding Championships in Vishakhapatnam, Tamil Nadu. We were very successful and won many medals.

This year these championships become even more important as they are a qualifier for international competitions and even the Olympics, where skateboarding will be for the very first time an official discipline – Tokyo 2020 is calling. This fact requires now an official process. All skateboarders have to register!

And I left the entire process to the kids – I just gave advice and Tonmoy, a team member of our edu-team in Delhi, helped as well.

The registration process is not at all easy – India does love paper and certainly never goes a straight way forward 🙂 The process includes several steps:

  • online registration/payment on the RSFI website. RSFI is the Indian Skateboarding Association.
  • after the registration you’ll receive an email with a PDF file.
  • this PDF file needs to be printed, signed by athelete, parents, state and national association
  • then an additional payment for the state association needs to be made.

When we started the process, Arun was in Janwaar, so it was on him to collect all the aadhar cards and photos and data needed for the online registration. Then Anil and Ajeet – with the help of Tonmoy – filed the online applications and printed out all the files.

Registration papers for all the kids.

Ajeet, who left for Janwaar yesterday is now carrying all the papers and will get them signed from the kids and their parents – then he will forward them to the Madhya Pradesh Skateboarding Association.

They were very proud, when their names popped up on the website – and confused as well, because two applications are still missing 🙁

Registered skateboarders 🙂

The excitement among the kids in the village was high – they are all looking forward to their next trip to Vishakhapatnam!

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