For three days the village was packed! We hosted 33 kids from VITS School in Satna and six of their teachers! They all stayed with us in our homestays and at the Villa Janwaar – this made us very happy!

The “city kids” wanted to explore a village and of course they wanted to learn skateboarding. Unfortunately our local school was closed, so we couldn’t have any activities there – yet our schedule was packed and manifold. A local father took them for a long jungle walk explaining all the fruits and plants they saw on they way. The kids tasted everything and were amazed what the jungle had to offer. Some of the kids returned pretty exhausted from that walk, simply because they are not at all used to walk a longer period of time. Still they enjoyed.

We visited our organic farm in Janwaar – thanks to Laxman ji and Malmohan – and the kids got a taste of what “organic” means. On our way back to the village we stopped at the lake which is now full of water!!! So good to see. Some of the “village kids” took their chance and went for a swim. The Satna kids were tempted but somehow didn’t jump in.

True highlights – besides skateboarding – were the “morning toilet” at the water pump and the bonfires in the evening. The kids had a blast!

Their morning exercise – led by Keshuram, Bobby, Gopal and Raja, four of our Janwaar kids – started out a bit bumpy but they opened the days for more to come. It turned out that it is still tough for our younger kids to take the lead in a group and talk loud and clearly in front of others. They are shy …. and learning fast 🙂

The epicenter of everything was once again our Villa Janwaar – it is so important to have this spot which provides safety and freedom for all the kids! Upstairs 15 kids and three teachers were sleeping, downstairs the mothers of our kids were preparing food and in the garden the kids were playing happily, tree climbing and skateboarding included.

It was a great “event”, we were more than happy to host our guests from Satna and we highly appreciate that these lady teachers didn’t shy away to stay with us! Great team! Thanks for coming!

The morning toilet 🙂

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