Now things become more official – skateboarding has become Olympic 🙂

Now the RSFI – Roller Skating Federation of India – has become an important role for the skateboarders in India. Under the RSFI (= national level) there are now on state level qualifiers. And these qualifiers were in Janwaar last week. The qualification was to get the ticket to Vishakhapatnam to the National Championships in December.

Besides our kids a few skateboarders from Indore came. It was a bit confusing and not really well organised, but they managed. On Saturday evening we received a message that the person condcuting the trials would come on Sunday. The trials then finally happened on Tuesday afternoon … The kids were all excited …. even though many didn’t understand what was going on at all 🙂 But who cares? Being part is all what counts !

26 of our kids have been registered and they were all excited ! For five we missed the registration 🙁 But this won’t matter at the end because all of them will go on the journey to the South, no matter if they will be participating or not! It’s about the travels and the time spent together!

They will go on a BIG trip – starting out Dec. 12. First they will attend a small competition at ProtoVillage – where we built a skatepark, based on the same principles as Janwaar Castle. Shobitha Kedlaya and her team are working on this! From Protovillage our kids will go to Vishakhapatnam to the Indian Championships and on their way back home they will stop over in the Nuapada district in Odisha where we’ve built another park. It’s for the first time that our kids go there …. and they will teach the kids and the police guys skateboarding there. This skatepark is inside a police campus! Smit Parmar did a great job there! After more than 2 weeks and a couple of thousand kilometers the kids will reach Janwaar on New Years eve! What a trip!

At the end of the day, after the trials.

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