On their way back from the Indian Skateboarding Championships in Vishakhapatnam our 31 kids made a stop over in Dharambhandha, Orissa, where we‘ve built a skatepark earlier this year.

This skatepark is inside a police campus and is meant to connect the locals and the police. The location is inside the Red Belt of India. It is quite an unusual approch the SP, Smit Parmar, has taken there. Hats off!

Our champions have started to connect with the local community and have scheduled sessions to teach and practice skateboarding.

All of them – including our German and French volunteers, Bemo, Timo and Mic – are staying at the police station right next to the park! THis is the start of an exchange program we’ll have with Dharambhanda! We are looking forward to have the Odisha kids in Janwaar!

Asha giving instructions to everyone
Gathering with the locals at the skatepark!
Anikesh, Laykush and Akash (left to right) having tea at the police station
Our youngsters enjoying the warm sun at Orissa skatepark
Durgha helping one of the local girls
Sleeping Camp
The police guys picked up the kids at the Railway Station and brought them with the bus to the skatepark

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