Last week Asha, Arun and Anil conducted a puppet show workshop with the smaller children. Ten of them attended: Kalpna, Sachin, Dilasha, Mahdi, Anikesh, Luvkush, David, Aakash, Priyanka and Sandeep. They made puppets out of clay. They brought clay from the fields, soaked it in water and then prepared the clay and formed the puppets! The puppets were dried in the sun and then painted.

Asha had the idea to make a short theatre performance. So the three of them sat together and wrote dialogues. The ideas was to make the villagers understand how they can protect themselves against the COVID 19 virus. Everyone knows that the virus is there, but the villagers are not aware of how to keep social distance and that they need to wash their hands properly. With this sketch the kids wanted to teach their parents a few crucial things. They are convinced if they do not take care of these small things, how will they get through this crisis without suffering? They wanted to convince their parents that they need to take care of their health!

The kids practised for more than a week. It was so much fun and everyone was engaged. They practised until they felt ready to play in front of their parents. It was so good to see the younger children performing a play in front of the villagers. And it was a great experience for Asha, Arun and Anil to guide them through the play!

Well done!

The parents loved it!

Lavkush “designing” the puppets
Shiva (left) and Param making the puppets
The puppets
The parents are arriving for the performance
The mini skatepark at the Villa Janwaar was transformed into the stage

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