As we’ve said many times before, Asha has taken the lead in the village when it comes to learning and education. Now even the local government teachers have realized this and have asked Asha to help them in their efforts. We are sure, Asha will show them many new ways of learning …. and proof that learning can be fun!

Only recently one of the government teachers, Sabir Hussain, posted it on Facebook and Asha really felt blessed 🙂

“Since a few weeks I am helping the government school students to become better. Surprisingly their teachers have asked me to help them – for me this is a great honour, and I simply feel that I have to do this. At the same time I am aware that I am actually doing their job 🙂

I felt blessed when my former teacher made this post on Facebook! Thank you so much Sabir sir your lines have touched my heart. Being your student, for me your words are like a god gift. The value of your words is priceless to me. Thank you so much!”


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