Ulrike visited Banda, UP, frequently. She was working with farmers there and helped to set uo a Kisan School. During her work she met Raja who runs an NGO close to Banda. Last Sunday he decided to come with his team to Janwaar – his idea is to strat a story of change in his own village. He said he can see that the change in Janwaar ist quite different from what he usually is seeing in the villages. Raja met wit Asha and Anil – here is Asha’s summary:

“Three days ago, Anil and I had a meeting with Raja bhaiya and his team. They have an NGO “Vidya Dham Samiti Atarra” in Banda, UP. They came to visit us. We talked about skateboarding and our work in the village. We’ve spoken about the problems we are facing and how we are trying to solve them.

The meeting lasted one hour. It was very interesting and satisfying for me. They have saw our work and the way we are working – and they saw the impact of our work, especially the changes for the children. They saw our little kids happily learning and having fun while learning! It didn’t look like school yet the kids are learning! They said that they want to start working like us at their place. They liked very much our way of working and learning. I’m very happy to hear that people want to work like us and that they seek help from us to start their own work and bring about change in their village. It made me proud. Thank you very much to you and your team, Raja Bhaiya. Thanks for coming to us and asking about our work. It was an interesting conversation and I learned a lot from your talk and comments. And if you want to work like us, it is a great honour and pleasure for us.”

Meanwhile Ulrike had a longer phone call with Raja and we are trying to find a way how we can get involved and help Raja on his journey.

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