We are pretty proud – our new book is NOW available. We just got it from the printer! Janwaar. Beyond Skateboarding.

Skate. Educate. Build community.

These are the pillars of Janwaar Castle – the greatest skatepark you’ve never heard of. In the small village of Janwaar, India, the skateboard is more than four wheels and a board. Here it is a vehicle for social change, gender equality, and education. Unlike our first book in which the changemakers themselves told their stories of change, our new book presents the changes we see and the impacts we have in this hamlet Janwaar, which go far beyond skateboarding. The two lead articles are written by the well-known journalists Doris Eichmeier, Munich, Germany and Shail Desai, Mumbai, India.

The book is trilingual. German, English in Hindi.

It also includes 120 pages of photos from Janwaar with short stories.


Thanks to all who helped to make it happen!

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