Two weeks ago TYPHOID was diagnosed in Janwaar. A few kids had fever and were down with chill. Unfortunately the doctor the first kid went out, prescribed BANNED medicine and this made things even worth. Once we found out, we immediately stopped the medicine and got the right one – yet especially Arun was suffering. Slowly he is feeling better afetr one week with the right treatment.

TYPHOID is the result of bad water quality. Even though some of the villagers are boiling the water before they are using it, yet they don’t boil it long enough and not for all needs 🙁 We provided waterfilters four years ago, but most of them are no longer in use because they are broken. So we started a new fundraiser and yesterday 100 new waterfilters were dispatched. They will reach the village by the end of next week and then hopefully help to keep TYPHOID down.

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