By Asha Gond

On June 7, 2021. I had a phone call from Nipendra bhaiya. He said that the MLA of our district wants to meet us. I said ok but I’m not well yet because I had a problem with my stomach. He said OK, then we will come tomorrow morning. They arrived a day later at 10:30 pm.

The MLA asked us a couple of questions: How many kids went outside of the village!

  • How many kids participated in championships?
  • How many kids won prices and what was their score?
  • Does the government support you when you go for skateboarding championships?
  • Is there any support from government?

Besides Anil and myself, 25 kids were there. And some villagers. I told them that we never received any funds from the government – even though they were promised. And that whenever we Janwaar kids are traveling anywhere, we raise funds and get our support from people around the world and NOT from Government!

We told him all these things and the MLA said that he will do something for us. He told the Sarpanch and the secretary to help us in all possible ways. He said he is very happy that we are growing and doing something good so that our village, state and everyone is feeling proud!! Especially Girls!

I followed up with them via whatsapp and now we are preparing a list of things which we would like to change in our village.

MLA Brajendra Pratab Singh in Janwaar

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