They speak in Bundeli – here is the translation. Maniklal seems to be in ease with his answers. Regarding “marriage” Asha is saying that he always was the first person in my family who was saying that I have to get marry. But this has now changed as well.

Asha: When the skatepark was constructed and I used to go skateboarding, were you in favour of me skating or not?
Maniklal: I was in favour.
Asha: Why were you in favour?
Maniklal: I saw that they were teaching you many things and you were also studying, so that’s why I was in favour of you going there.
Asha: Were you in favour to send me abroad with Ulrike?
Maniklal: Yes I was as they were taking you to work with them and you were learning something.
Asha: What did the villagers used to say to you?
Maniklal : Villagers used to say what kind of person are you, you are sending her alone with them. What if they rape her or kill her and throw her somewhere.
Asha: What did you use to say to the villagers?
Maniklal: I said that the decision is of her parents. She is going there with their consent.
Asha: How did you feel when I used to go outside?
Maniklal: I felt bad
Asha: Why did you feel bad?
Maniklal: I felt bad because I was worried that something might happen to you and I used to keep waiting for your return.
Asha: I have gone to so many places now, so how do you feel now?
Maniklal: Now, I am okay with you going out.
Asha: What do the villagers say now?
Maniklal: No one says anything now.

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