Asha is giving sessions to the kids at our Villa Janwaar. Here is a little “report”.

“Today I played with our kids an Indoor game: “When I say head, touch your head!” I found a YouTube video on this, After playing I asked to kids how was the game? Did you like it or not? And what did you learn?They shared their experiences and said: “We enjoyed it, it was good and we exercised while playing. We learned the names of our body part and we are feeling happy now!”When I was closing our session all of a sudden Lovkush said: “Waaiiiiiiiiiiit we also learned one more thing, we counted our body part as well! That means we also learned counting!!” It was really lovely this morning! ❤Their last question was; “Didi are we going to play more games like this?” And I said: “Yes, I am going to do more fun activities with you and will try my best to teach you in a way that you enjoy whatever you will learn!” 🙂

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