Anil Kumar, one of our Janwaar Open Schoolers, has interviewed Kamla Gond, Asha’s mother, and then written with my support a little story.

The way I work with Anil on these books is actually very simple. We have a zoom recorder in Janwaar; so he was talking to tKamla Gond and then started writing in a google doc. Then I added questions in the doc, I was asking for more details and I gave him suggestions for the flow of the story. Then he would go back to Kamla and talk to her again and add to the document. This goes back and forth maybe 20 times. Once we have all the details we start thinking about a better sequence / structure. Once this is done, he might talk once again to the lady and then we finalise and polish. 

It’s Kamla’s life story – in touching, interesting words. Lucy Pepper from Portugal has created the illustrations, and Bea Gschwend as usual made the layout of the booklet.

Enjoy the read!

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